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Goodbye Baby Nurse, Hello Newborn Care Specialist

  NEWBORN CARE SPECIALISTS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Written by Newborn Care Specialists: Alyssa Michael, Amanda King, and Lindsay Johnson What is a Newborn Care Specialist? A Newborn Care Specialist, also known as an NCS, is a professional postpartum care provider that generally supports families for the first 0-16 weeks after baby’s arrival, with some continuing to provide support for the first year of baby’s life. An NCS has taken in-depth training and education courses pertaining to newborns and infants, and has a specialized skill set to provide optimal care for their clients. To meet each family’s individual needs, an NCS may provide care during the day, overnight, 24/7, and travel support. Newborn Care Specialists educate and work alongside primary caregivers, stay up to date on evidence-based care techniques, and practice effective communication with other members of the household.  Newborn Care Specialists will stay current on practices and recommendations from professional healt